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GWT and complex javascript overlays

I remember hearing about javascript overlays and the Google Web Toolkit at the 2008 Google I/O conference, so when I had a chance to use them for a complicated JSON dataset, I thought it would be a good fit.  I use JSON in a number of widgets around a client’s site, mostly because it is the easiest way to have a client be cross site compatible (using JSONP for server communication), the data ranges in size from 13K to 87K.

But as I looked for examples, I didn’t see a whole lot.  There is, of course, the canonical blog post about javascript overlays, but other than that, there’s not much out there.  I searched the gwt google group, but didn’t see anything about complex javascript overlays.

Perhaps I should define what I mean by complex javascript overlays.  I mean JSON objects that have embedded objects and arrays; something like this: var jsonData = [{"id":52,"display":{"desc":"TV","price":125},"store":[1,2,3,4,5]}, {"id":2,"display":{"desc":"VCR","price":25},"store":[1,2,5]}];

The key is to realize that just as you can return a string from a native method, like the canonical blog post does: public final native String getFirstName() /*-{ return this.FirstName; }-*/;, you can also return any other javascript object, including arrays (helpfully available as the JsArray class).  So, for the above JSON example, I have a Display class that looks like this:

package com.mooreds.complexoverlay.client;

public class Display extends JavaScriptObject {
protected Display() {}
public final native String getDesc()/*-{ return this.desc;}-*/;
public final native int getPrice()/*-{ return this.price;}-*/;

Code for the array ("store") looks like this:

package com.mooreds.complexoverlay.client;

public class StoreList extends JsArrayInteger{
protected StoreList() {}


Running code that shows you how to parse and display the entire json string is here (using GWT 1.6.4) is available in this tarball.  I haven't yet tried it, but I imagine that it would be pretty easy a JSONP call work in a similar manner to the HTML embedded JSON in this example.

Update June 29: Note that if you want to use any overlay types in collections, that JavaScriptObject, which you must inherit from, has final hashCode and equals methods.  The hashCode method "uses a monotonically increasing counter to assign a hash code to the underlying JavaScript object" and the equals method "returns true if the objects are JavaScript identical (triple-equals)".  Both of these may cause issues with collections such as maps.
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2 thoughts on “GWT and complex javascript overlays

  1. Carl says:

    thanks for the example — v v helpful.

    If I had json data with keys of unknown content can I still use an GWT Overlay?

    e.g., in your example, change:

    The key “x345t1” could vary from call to call.

    I could change the json generator code to move all data into values and use known labels as keys. but thought I’d ask 🙂

  2. moore says:

    Hi Carl,

    I think you have to define the members of the overlay class explicitly, but it has been a few years.

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