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Own your social media–install Storytlr

I guess I’m just not very trusting, because I like to have copies of my data.  I host my own blog, rather than use blogger or  I host my own email (or at least one of my two main accounts).  I prefer to document interesting things on my blog, rather than a site like Quora or Stack Overflow (though I do have an account on the latter).  Heck, even though I use an open ID provider, my own domain is the master, and I just delegate to

So, since I recently have been putting a bit more effort into my social media presence (you can find me on twitter here), I looked around to find a backup solution.  I did find one–Storytlr–via this article on backing up your twitter feed.  It apparently used to be a hosted service, but now is open source–code here, install instructions here.  (There’s at least one for pay service too, but then, you don’t really own your data, plus I’m cheap.)

It was pretty trivial to install.  I ran into this issue with Storytlr not recognizing that PDO was installed, but the fix (hacking the install script) worked, and I didn’t run into the Zend error also in that bug post.

I also ran into an issue where I chose an admin password of less than six characters on install.  Storytlr was happy to let me do that, but then wouldn’t let me enter the exact same password when I was logging in for the first time.  To fix this, I had to update the password column in the users table with a new MD5 string, created using this tool.

So, what does Storytlr actually give me?

  • Access to my data: I set up feeds to be polled regularly (requires access to cron) and can export them to CSV whenever I want.  And I keep them as long as I want to.
  • One single point of view of all my social content.
  • Really easy way to add more feeds if I join a new social network.  Here are the sites/networks Storytlr supports right now.

The issues I ran into are:

  • Technical issues, resolved as documented above.
  • No support for facebook.  (Well, there’s this experimental support, announced here, but nothing that is part of the project.)  This is big, given how bad Facebook is with respect to privacy.  I am not sure what my next steps are here.
  • Not wanting others to have access to my lifestream.  This was easily fixed with a Auth directive.

If you are depending on social media sites, have some technical chops, a server to host it on, and want to ensure a historical archive, you should look at Storytlr.

How to connect a Jabra VBT2050 earpiece to a Palm Centro

Everyone should use an earpiece.  My SO is reading “Disconnect: the truth about cell phone radiation, what the industry has done to hide it, and how to protect your family” and it’s some scary stuff.

I’ve struggled with setting up my earpiece enough times that I want to document what I did just now.  There are a lot of instructions on the internet, but they all seem incomplete, or aimed at a different phone.  Here’s the Jabra manual (PDF), even though it isn’t much help.

So, here are my step by step instructions on how to connect my AT&T Palm Centro with my Jabra VBT2050 earpiece.

  • Turn off the earpiece by holding down the side button until you see 4 fast blinks.  Disconnect it from the charger.
  • Then, turn off bluetooth on the phone.  Disconnect it from the charger.
  • Turn on the bluetooth on your phone
  • Make sure your phone’s bluetooth setting is ‘visible’
  • On the phone, choose ‘setup devices’
  • Choose ‘trusted devices’
  • Choose ‘add device’
  • Turn on the Jabra earpiece by holding down the button you used to turn it off
  • Continue to hold the on/off button down until you see it blinking three times slowly.
  • Press the center button of the earpiece (the one you use to connect/disconnect calls) for about 10-20 seconds, until the light on the earpiece is steady.
  • Choose ‘find more’ on your phone.
  • Select the Jabra earpiece.
  • Choose ‘OK’
  • Enter the passcode: 0000 (I’ve not found a way to change this, which seems rather idiotic).
  • Choose ‘OK’  You should now be at the ‘Trusted devices’ screen.
  • Select the Jabra earpiece from the list
  • Press the menu key on your Centro.  It’s next to the ‘Alt’ key.
  • Select ‘Connect’.  The earpiece should be blinking one time slowly.
  • Click ‘OK’ on out.  You should see a blue set of headphones next to your bars when you get to the main screen.
  • You can change your phone’s bluetooth visibility to ‘hidden’

Hope this helps!