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PhoneGap Usage Survey Results

A few weeks ago, I asked the PhoneGap google group members to fill out a simple usage survey. I was interested in versions of Cordova/PhoneGap used, as well as what device platforms were targeted. I had 30 responses over just under two weeks. Note that this survey closed on the 29th, before Cordova 3.1 was released.

Here are the results. (Some questions allowed multiple answers, so the number of responses may exceed 30.)

“What version of Cordova/PhoneGap do you mainly use?” A solid majority was on a modern version, either 2.9 or 3.0.
Which version of cordova do you use?

“What device platforms do you target?” The vast majority of respondents target iOS and, to a slightly lesser extent, Android. There are a smattering of other platforms being targetted.

“What versions do you have in production?” Every version of the 2.x line was represented. I think this shows that upgrading PhoneGap/Cordova projects used to be a pain (and, once an app is finished, there often times is no need to revisit).
Which versions do you have in production?

“Do you use Cordova or PhoneGap?” This is interesting to me because I think there is a lot of confusion around the difference. Most people were pretty clear.

The results of this survey was interesting to me and I hope to you as well.

10 years on

A decade ago, I wrote my first post about RSS, and how I wished someone would aggregate events via RSS. I’m still waiting for this 🙂

I had recently come back from a trip abroad, and was a young contract programmer living as cheaply as I could. One decade on, I am a married father with a house who is a full time employee. Things change, but I still blog.

A decade of blogging has taught me many things. How much I enjoy teaching, how widely the Internet lets you reach, how much people care about Yahoo Mail and dating software, how powerful Google is. But most of all, how writing about something helps you truly understand it.

I’ve been hot and cold on blogging–sometimes posting every couple of days and interacting with the commenters, sometimes ignoring my blog and treating it is a write only medium. Either way, the corpus of 600+ posts (more than one post a week) and the thousands of visits per month the blog gets, are gratifying.

I look back on proudly on all my blog posts. And I can’t tell you how fun it is to hear from someone that I’ve helped them, or to run across a post of mine when I’m doing a google search, or to see from where people have linked to my articles.

Here’s to another decade.