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IE 7 does not have a built in javascript debugger (update)

I recently was debugging the dreated “Operation Aborted” error, which was appearing in both IE6 and IE7. (Incidentally, Joel has written a great delineation of the three parts of software: design, development and debugging.) I usually do development in FF and then test in IE. But this bug is specific to IE, which made debugging harder. I was using IE6, looking at the error message and trying to find the line numbers it referenced. Pretty miserable. The fact that I was dealing with external code (Google Analytics, Google Website Optimizer) made it all the more fun!

I was testing at work, and feeling a bit frustrated. I found a reference to the Microsoft Script Debugger, but wasn’t able to find it separate from Microsoft Office.

I went home and tested on IE7, and saw the same error. I thought I’d try to find the debugger for IE7. It was easier than I thought–all you have to do is go to ‘Tools’, then ‘Internet Options…’, click the Advanced tab and uncheck ‘Disable Script Debugging (Internet Explorer)’. Then, when you visit a page with a javascript error, it asks you if you want to debug it. Fantastic!

As far as I know, that was a vanilla install of IE7. I’m thrilled they’re shipping a debugger, as it will make developing for them just a little bit easier.

Update: I was incorrect, I think that you need to install the script debugger separately.  Link below.

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