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What a pleasurable way to learn a language!

This site was recommended to me, and I have to say, it is a fun way to become more familiar with the syntax of a language. There’s the journey aspect:

things are not what they appear to be: nor are they otherwise
your path thus far [...X______________________________________________] 19/280

and the fact that when you see something you want to investigate further, you just write another unit test:

  def test_slicing_arrays
    array = [:peanut, :butter, :and, :jelly]

    assert_equal [:peanut], array[0,1]
    assert_equal [:peanut,:butter], array[0,2]
    assert_equal [:and,:jelly], array[2,2]
    assert_equal [:and,:jelly], array[2,20]
    assert_equal [], array[4,0]
    assert_equal [], array[3,0] # my addition
    assert_equal [], array[4,100]
    assert_equal nil, array[5,0]

Now, running through these koans certainly isn’t going to make me a Ruby expert, but I will have passing familiarity with the language and be ready to use it on my next small project.

Apparently I’ve been living under a rock, because there appear to be koans projects for quite a few languages: java, haskell, erlang (cue whatsapp reference), and even bash. I was, however, unable to find a koans package for assembler.

What’s wrong with this announcement?

Do you see anything wrong with this announcement, which I received as an email attachment, of what looks to be a very interesting discussion of hunger, food and faith?

faithandfoodsummit flyer

There is no URL.

There is no URL!

Folks, if you are having any kind of gathering or event that you’d like to be shared online, please please provide a URL.

Benefits of a URL:

  • Easy to share
  • Can be updated if details change
  • Lives forever, so can be referenced in the future
  • Can hold vastly more information than a flyer

There are many easy ways to create a URL for your event.

  • Facebook
  • EventBrite
  • Google Sites
  • Weebly
  • Google Forms

And I’m sure I’m missing dozens of other options.

Repeat after me: I am having an event, and my event deserves a URL.