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GWT Mini Patterns Introduction

GWT can be used to create applications and widgets. I’ve done both, but the feeling I get from reading the newsgroups is that a lot of people are using using GWT to build network applications rather than smaller chunks of functionality. So, I’m going to write a number of posts about GWT component patterns.

First off, what’s a GWT component? In my mind, it is a small bit of functionality that is better run on the client than on the server. It can have server interaction. It does not occupy the entire screen, and has to integrate into an existing HTML based application. Components are relatively self contained and can be dropped in multiple places across a website, or across different websites.

The patterns in this category are not that complicated. They just seemed to be popping up in my code more than once and I thought it’d be nice to document them. Check back here for more as I write them.

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