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Film On The Rocks 2007 ICal file available

I’ve thought for a long time that venues should publish event information in a more computer friendly format. I’m not alone. At barcamp a few months ago, Tom Tromey mentioned the same idea. I believe he’s approached KGNU, but I don’t see any evidence that the concert calendar is available via ICal or RSS.

Making your event information computer parseable allows people to access your event information data and use it in different forms. The win is big for event venues because, unlike some other data providers (like magazines), the business model is robust and built in–people buying tickets to a show. Event venues should want their calendar data spread far and wide!

Since I’ve started using Thurnderbird and in particular the Lightning plugin, I’ve been loving the calendar. I used to have a paper calendar that would be occasionally updated. But since I’m in front of my email all the time, I can use Lightning for todos, reminders and sundry other items that would have ended up on a note card or back of an envelope before.

That’s why I’m making the Film On The Rocks ICal file available–purely for selfish reasons. If you’ve never been to Film On The Rocks, it’s a good time.

If you are a event venue and would like advice on making your events even more noticable, feel free to contact me. If you’ve got your events in a database of almost any kind, it shouldn’t be hard to do.
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