Case Study: Review a SaaS application

Business problem: Small Farm Central, a client with an existing business had built a SaaS application targeting an adjoining market.  After running the application for a year and gaining revenue and feedback, the client wanted a review of both the business and technical feasibility of continued development.

Role: Moore Consulting reviewed both the business and technical aspects of the SaaS business.

Solution: Moore Consulting undertook a wide variety of tasks to understand all aspects of the business.  These included the following tasks:

  • discussing goals with the client
  • reading surveys gathered by client
  • talking to existing and prospective customers
  • learning the framework used by the application
  • reviewing and tweaking the code in a running environment
  • reviewing and suggesting changes to a business plan and budget
  • reviewing requirements documentation
  • estimating level of effort to get to the version 2.0 feature set
  • creating a technical recommendations document to improve the technical environment.

Results: The client was happy with the review and as a result of the review and consequent dialog, is excited about the path forward for version 2 of the SaaS application.

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