Case Study: Let Agents Know How They Are Doing

Business problem: The company for which Dan worked, 8z Real Estate, had a number of marketing programs to help a real estate agent generate business.  However, participation was spotty and, worse yet, visibility was poor.  Brokerage employees were manually tracking participation, or, in some cases, not tracking it at all.  Agents received quarterly information about their business plan, but gathering this information was an labor intensive process.

Role: After an initial prototype was built by the COO in Excel, Dan worked with the COO and the marketing, customer service and accounting departments to define what metrics to track, what changes in business process would be required, and how the report would be delivered to the agents.  Dan also built the second and third versions of the application.

Solution: A reporting infrastructure delivers PDF reports to online storage accessible to staff and each agent.  The report includes metrics from accounting, customer service and marketing systems, accessed via API.  The solution also classifies transactions according to source, which is a key business metric.  There is also a rollup report which provides company wide metrics, so that it’s easy for the COO to know if the company is on plan.

Results: The organization has far more knowledge around program participation.  Coaching sessions are more concrete, as coaches can point to specifics.  Agents are informed weekly of their business health, including not just marketing program participation but volume of real estate sold.

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