Case Study: Help non technical founders with development process

Business problem: The Upbeet Kitchen is a startup offering online culinary courses under development. The co-founders have had trouble finding developers who are available, responsive and knowledgeable with the framework that the product is built in.

Role: Moore Consulting met with the client several times, both face to face and over Skype, and reviewed issues and gave advice regarding development direction. This included advice on motivating teams, selecting developers, and process.

Results: The client was happy with the review and had renewed confidence in their path forward.

Testimonial: “Dan has been insightful as we work with an overseas team. He’s given feedback on process, as well as concrete steps to help select and motivate our team. His knowledge of software development process has been especially helpful to our non technical founding team.” — Nic DeMuth, CEO, The Upbeet Kitchen

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