Case Study: Build out APIs

Business problem: Trendly has an iOS app that is driven by rails APIs.  The app connects merchants with goods to sell to trendsetters with online followings.  They had a number of business initiatives that required server side code changes.

Role: Moore Consulting provided one of two contractors working on the rails side of the application.

Solution: Using pivotal, github and conversations with the non technical founder who was managing all contractors, Dan undertook tasks as directed, gave technical feedback on issues and delivered business value.  Key projects:

  • Push notifications using Amazon SNS; Dan built out the needed APIs and scheduled jobs to send the messages on a number of business events.
  • Integration of an existing Angular app into an existing Rails bootstrap app and APIs; Dan built out the APIs for the Angular app consumption, as well as sending over a JWT token to allow merchants to access both apps with a single sign on.
  • General code quality; during the 6 weeks Dan was working part time for Trendly, the number of tests went from 66 to 366.

Results: In the first three weeks of the SSO, the number of messages sent to trendsetters setting up collaboration increased.  Over 300 push notifications/month have been sent, increasing engagement with the application.

Testimonial: “Dan was very helpful in developing new features, implementing push notifications, eliminating headaches, and completing a data migration from firebase to rails. He was prompt, insightful, and great to work with. Most importantly, he was an effective communicator. As a non-technical founder, Dan was very good at giving me his recommendations and walking me through his reasoning for doing things. He also made intros to several developers that were looking for full-time work. Towards the end of his contract, Dan gave me feedback on working together and gave me advice on how to improve. If you’re like me, looking for great development work and trying to improve as a non-technical founder, I’d highly recommend working with Dan.”  — Chris Huxley, co-founder, Trendly, Inc.

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