Video of the Week: What’s a “Doertacracy”

VC Brad Feld of the Foundry Group defines this concept in this 90 second video:

The internet has let one thousand, nay one billion, flowers bloom, so many flowers that it can be overwhelming at times. Brad suggests picking one or two or three flowers at most and really understanding them, rather than trying to smell all the flowers.

Video of the Week: Sales Safari

Amy Hoy discusses finding users’ pain points in this 50 minute presentation from 2013.

I think developers, myself included, are much more interested in the how (redis, nodejs, bright shiny things!) than in the why. Amy’s presentation is a good reminder that it is important to start with the why–what is your customer trying to achieve and why are they trying to achieve that. She calls this process a “sales safari”. Lots more information about this and other bootstrapping topics at her site.

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