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A Tale of Two Mobile App Development Program Applications

I just can’t believe the difference in the application process between Google (for Google Play) and Apple (for the App Store).

For Google, I had to

  • sign in to a Google account
  • give them an email address and a phone number
  • agree to terms and conditions
  • pay $25 (but make sure you have a valid Google Wallet account!)
  • wait for the registration to be processed
  • invite other developers in my company

For Apple (where I need to register as a corporation) I had to

  • Upgrade a mac to Lion
  • Start the signup process
  • Realize that the company doesn’t have an updated Dun and Bradstreet profile
  • Call Dun and Bradstreet
  • Be sent to to update the profile
  • Find out who the executive officers of the company were
  • Get them to sign up to update the profile
  • Update the profile
  • Submit it
  • Wait for over 5 business days
  • Resubmit my application to Apple
  • Get rejected again because they didn’t recognize the company as a legal entity
  • Exchange a couple of emails with Apple employees
  • Determine what the rejection is possibly because I didn’t want for D&B to update the Apple database (up to 14 business days!)

And all that is before I can see (and agree to) the terms of use and pay the $99/year, and get my application processed.