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Real estate public records data sources

If you are looking for public records data sources (deeds, sales transactions, assessor records) in an electronic format, you have four options.  Normally this data is kept at the county level, so there haven’t been too many companies that have rolled it up into a nationwide database.  Even for the companies that have, there are timing and data integrity issues that you should be aware of before you commit.

I listed options here because I had to do some digging to find them, and wanted to spare you that.

First, here are some possible solutions that don’t work.

So, what are your four options?

  1. If you are focused on a narrow geographic area, or want to take on a huge project, you can contact each county and see if they have an offering.  I contacted one local county and they wanted $700 for a CD of assessor data.  This has some obvious downsides, but may be enough for your needs.  (I expect some counties won’t offer electronic versions, but that is speculation.)
  2. Core Logic
  3. Data Quick
  4. LPS SiteX

In the latter three cases, you want to call and ask to talk to someone about ‘public record licensing’ if you want to do anything interesting with the data (remix it, aggregate it, display it to your customers, etc).  Public record licensing is not as straighforward as MLS IDX data licensing (and that is saying something!).  It looks like each deal is semi-custom.

You’ll want to speak to a sales representative for full details like pricing, update timing and geographic coverage.  Hope this helps!