There are lots of snippets out there on the internet telling you how to run GWT code from javascript.  Here’s the canonical one.

I recently did a fair bit of this, calling GWT code from jquery.  Two things jumped out:

  • Make sure your jquery method is run in $(window).load(), not $(document).ready(). If you use the latter, your GWT code will not have executed and exported the javascript method to the window object. More on that.
  • I couldn’t find a list of valid java type signatures (even in the JVM book) for the longest time, but here they are, at long last.

Update, 2/26: I ran into some issues with using $window.load().  What you have to do instead is create a gwtonload function and call it from your gwt loader via jsni.  This ensures that GWT code is fully loaded, which $window.onload() does not.

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  1. moore says:

    Thanks Tom, that project looks very useful!

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