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Gratitude List

Every so often, I just need to stop and say thanks.

Thanks for my family and parents, providing all kinds of education when they raised me.

Thanks to my wife, for being patient and loving, even when I’m not my best.

Thanks to my past and current clients, colleagues and employers, for giving me amazing opportunities, challenging me and trusting me.

Thanks to the vast number of people who contribute to making the internet a fantastic place (this is a software blog, after all).  Whether you create content or build plumbing, the internet is richer for your contribution (even the guy behind lolcats, but especially stuff like this and this).

Every so often, I get wrapped up in some small drama, but nothing knocks me back on my heels and makes me say ‘Damn, I’m lucky’ like making a gratitude list, even one like this which is incomplete.

Say thanks–it feels good!

One thought on “Gratitude List

  1. Pam says:

    You know what else feels good!? A comment on your blog. Your welcome:) Anytime. Thanks for blogging about stuff I can’t even understand!!

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