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What did I ship in 2010?

In the spirit of this post, I wanted to outline what I shipped this year.  (Shipped in the sense of software–building something and putting it out to the world.  Personal achievements in the past year, not least of which was getting married to my lovely wife, aren’t in the scope of this list.)

  • 41 blog posts on this blog, and 95 posts on two others I run.
  • Many, many releases (over 20) of
  • Released version 2.0 of a dating site for the mentally ill.
  • Rewrote my Colorado CSAs directory and vastly increased the number of CSAs contained.
  • With a team, researched and presented a plan for a local Boulder currency.
  • Scoped, built (with a team), and launched an ecommerce website.
  • Set up a scholarship for a permaculture course.

As Seth said about his list, there were other projects I didn’t have the guts or follow through to launch, but I’m pretty happy with this list.  Here’s to 2011!