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How to get the GWT developer browser plugin

The Google Web Toolkit developer plugin, which integrates with a variety of browsers and lets you debug GWT code from within the Eclipse IDE, is astonishingly easy to get, but I haven’t found any great instructions, so I wrote this brief post.

You just need to start your IDE, start up any application in Development mode, and then visit the address the development mode server is running on in your browser (it will look something like this: “http://localhost:8080/host.html&gwt.codesvr=” if you are running off an external server–not sure what it looks like for folks using embedded jetty). It will send you to the ‘Missing Plugin’ page (or you can go there directly).

Some browsers are not supported (Safari on Windows is one I know of). The best list of supported browsers I was able to find was on the ‘Missing Plugin’ page; click the ‘plugins for other systems’ link.

BTW, this is different than the GWT plugin for Eclipse.