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Avoid primitive object wrappers as return values for GWT javascript overlays

Just a warning, if you build javascript overlay types, you should make sure to only use primitives and strings as primary members of your overlay classes.  I’ve already written about overlay types once before, and here’s the GWT documentation.  If you dig a bit deeper in the GWT documentation, you see this quote:

JavaScript non-string objects always marshal as JavaScriptObject$

I was using a java.lang.Double as the return value for one of my overlay objects, and it was fine until I tried to do any math on it.  Nothing would seem to turn the value into a Double or a double, yet no exceptions were thrown.  After some sleuthing in web mode, it turned out that the value returned when I was trying to parse it was NaN, even though when I output it to the screen, the value looked like a double.  I guess it was being treated as a JavaScriptObject$.

Easily enough fixed, just make sure that you don’t use any objects wrappers of primitives in an overlay type.