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My Firefox plugins

I recently moved to a new computer, and have been rebuilding my desktop environment.  I just wanted to list my Firefox plugins for future reference.

  • The Web Developer Toolbar lets you view css, disable javascript, resize your browser precisely, outline block elements and so much more.
  • Colorzilla is invaluable for a developer like me to copy a color palate correctly.
  • S3Fox lets you manage Amazon S3 buckets and their content.
  • Firebug lets you examine web pages in detail, including network operations/
  • YSlow is an add on for Firebug that evaluates site performance based on a variety of metrics
  • Some kind of whois tool–sometimes you need to know who registered that domain name

These are my drop dead extensions for typical web development work.  What am I missing?  Do you have any to recommend?

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