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“Blending Social Media with Traditional Marketing” Presentation

I have some interest in social media–I obviously blog, but I also have a twitter account as well as some other ‘social media’ interaction.  It’s also the reason I attend the Boulder New Media Breakfast.  One of the ways I keep up to date on topics of interest is using Google Alerts (it’s not just for Craigslist).  I also use FiltrBox, mostly because I have some friends who work there.

The FiltrBox folks are having a 1 hour webinar tomorrow titled “Blending Social Media with Traditional Marketing” which looks to be pretty interesting.  From the description, they’ll discuss:

how social media marketing and traditional marketing integrate, how your company can leverage social media, along with best practices, how to listen, monitor, engage and interact, with highlights of specific case studies.

Not sure how much marketing material you might get from signing up, but you can always use a throwaway email address.