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Amazon AMI search

It’s interesting to me that there is no Amazon Machine Image (AMI) search.  AMIs are virtual machine images that you can run on EC2, Amazon’s cloud computing offering.  Sure, you can browse the list of AMIs, but that doesn’t really help.  Finding an image seems to be haphazard, via a google search (how I found this alfresco image) or via the community around a product on an image (like this image for pressflow, a high performance drupal).

I’m not the only person with this complaint.  The Amazon EC2 API only provides limited data about various images, but surely some kind of search mechanism wouldn’t be too hard to whip up, if only on the image owner and platform fields.

Does anyone know where this exists?  My current best solution for finding a specific AMI is to use the fantastic ElasticFox FireFox plugin and just search free form on the ‘Images’ tab.

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2 thoughts on “Amazon AMI search

  1. Derrick Coetzee says:

    The best site I’ve seen so far for EC2 Amazon AMI searching is The Cloud Market. It’s got a long way to go but it makes it pretty easy to find supported images of recent major distros.

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