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CleanPrint Installed on my blog

About six months ago, I met with some friends who I’d worked with in the past, at Format Dynamics.  They gave me a bit of software to install on my blog, and I installed it and forgot about it. But it is worth mentioning.
It is a wordpress plugin that interfaces with CleanPrint, which is a pretty cool piece of software (I’ve written about it in the past.)  Installation is as easy as typical WP plugin installation.  You can try it out by going to any individual wordpress page and looking for the ‘Print Blog’ button:

I printed my notes from the BDNT meetup, just as an example; you can download the PDF here: June 2009 New Tech Meetup Notes.pdf.  (PDF created using the excellent PDF995 adware.)

The other option for pretty printing, of course, is to create your own print.css.  I believe that the plan is to eventually be able to display ads on the printouts, with some revenue sharing agreement.

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