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Popups in GWT and IE8

Just starting to test some GWT applications against IE8.  (Using IE Collection, which is very useful.  It includes standalone versions of IE from IE1 to IE8.  Very useful, even if the version of IE8 doesn’t include the developer tools.)

The only issue I’ve seen so far is that popups don’t work correctly.  Some appear, but not where they are supposed to.  Others, particularly with the lightbox we’re using (from the GWT-Widget project), just don’t appear at all.

For the latter, you get the very helpful message:

Line: 2618
Char : 324
Error: Not implemented
Code: 0
File: url to your GWT cache.js file.

(This is with GWT 1.5.3.)  After compiling the GWT with “-style DETAILED”, I looked at the precise line causing the error message.

It was in this method:

function com_google_gwt_user_client_ui_impl_PopupImplIE6_$onShow__Lcom_google_gwt_user_client_ui_impl_PopupImplIE6_2Lcom_google_gwt_user_client_Element_2(popup){
var frame = $doc.createElement($intern_1350);
frame.src = $intern_1351;
frame.scrolling = $intern_1352;
frame.frameBorder = 0;
popup.__frame = frame;
frame.__popup = popup;
var style =;
style.position = $intern_1314;
style.filter = $intern_1353;
style.visibility =;
style.border = 0;
style.padding = 0;
style.margin = 0;
style.left = popup.offsetLeft; = popup.offsetTop;
style.width = popup.offsetWidth;
style.height = popup.offsetHeight;
style.zIndex =;
style.setExpression($intern_110, $intern_1354);
style.setExpression($intern_111, $intern_1355);
style.setExpression($intern_91, $intern_1356);
style.setExpression($intern_93, $intern_1357);
style.setExpression($intern_1358, $intern_1359);
popup.parentElement.insertBefore(frame, popup);
You can see where I commented out the style.setExpression calls, which seemed to fix the issue (the $intern strings are css property names like 'left').  Obviously not very sustainable. The other fix available right now is to add this meta tag to the HEAD section of your HTML documents:
<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=EmulateIE7" />

For more information on this, follow the GWT issue tracker bug 3329.

One thought on “Popups in GWT and IE8

  1. Rudolf Michael says:

    Thank you for the post….we were having the same problem with pop ups over ie8 and GWT 1.7.1. and the meta tag fixed it. 🙂

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