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Carbon Space: Coworking in Boulder

I listened with envy to Corey Snipes, a friend and colleague in Denver, when he talked about being a member of the Hive, a coworking space.  I have rented an office in the past, but always thought a coworking space was a no brainer business plan in Boulder, given all the tech startups, one person PR firms and entrepeneurial environment. After all, some of what I miss about being independent was that water cooler talk, or the ability to just bounce ideas off someone in real time.  (Yes, I imagine twitter fills that need for some.)  I remember a few emails floating around the New Tech Meetup mailing list, but never heard of a plan come to fruition.  But then again, perhaps I just discounted Boulder’s real estate market as a barrier to entry.

Anyway, today, Corey sent on an email announcing Carbon Space, Boulder’s very own coworking space.  Located off 30th street, between Valmont and Pearl, with plans starting at $199/month, I hope this space succeeds.  Hey, I may even check it out myself!  Visit the website for more details.

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4 thoughts on “Carbon Space: Coworking in Boulder

  1. Ralph Dosser says:

    It looks great, but with a caveat: it’s pretty far outside the commercial heart of Boulder, by which I mean the Pearl Street Mall. But maybe that’s just me wanting it to be closer to Snarf’s.

  2. moore says:

    Ralph, that’s true. It’s not in the heart of downtown, which would be preferable.

    Looks like there are some other coworking arrangements for Boulder listed here:

  3. Ralph Dosser says:

    On second look, I was rather dismayed to see that their web designers have a problem with superfluous apostrophes.

  4. moore says:

    Also, I should be clear that Corey isn’t associated with this space at all–he just forwarded the email on from a Hive list he’s on.

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