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Useful Tools: Skype

Skype is something that I’m relatively late to the game on, but now I can’t believe I lived without it. I use it as a secondary line for my business.  (I know, I know, next thing you know I’ll be telling y’all that the “internet” is the next big thing.) I have a relatively old plan and get nailed whenever I go over in minutes–35 cents a minute. I am planning to get a new plan and phone sometime soon, but want to make sure I get a great phone, and haven’t had time to comparison shop.

Skype is letting me postpone getting a new phone by letting me use my minutes more effectively. Check out my sweet old phone–a super solid Nokia:


At first, I only had Skype Out, which let me call people in the US for the measly sum of $6 dollars a month. Just recently, I signed up for Skype In, which is actually less expensive–$24/year, and lets me receive phone calls.
However, I won’t be passing out my new Skype number–I want people to associate me with the same number I’ve had since I first got my cell phone. Instead, I’ll just forward all calls from my phone to my Skype number when I m in front of a computer.

I originally got Skype because of the cost savings, but it also makes me more effective on the phone. With a headset that I bought for $40 a year ago, I can type and talk at the same time, as opposed to using speaker phone and/or craning my neck.

The only thing I use my phone for that Skype doesn’t replace is text messages–I use for that, because it is free.

I haven’t really explored the other features of Skype–computer to computer calls or conference calling–but right now Skype does what I need it to do.

One thought on “Useful Tools: Skype

  1. PhoneTool says:

    I would predict that you will find Skype to be just the start of your journey. There are similarities with wine. We start out drinking the cheap stuff but rapidly learn to appreciate quality of the good stuff. Personally, I wouldn’t use Skype for a business call.

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