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IE7 doesn’t like div classes named ‘content’

I ran into a really bizarre issue today.  A client’s website had paragraph tags separating content, wrapped inside a number of divs.  One of the divs had the classname of ‘content’.  In IE7, and not in FF2 or IE6, the first line of the paragraph was indented.  Modifying, even deleting, styles of the parent divs or the paragraph did not seem to change anything.  Adding a break tag as the first child of the paragraph tag fixed the indentation, but led to too much space.

Finally, I tried deleting the entire classnames from the parent divs.  Deleting the class ‘content’ from one of the divs fixed the issue.  Then I tried with a classname of ‘contaent’, and the issue was still fixed.

Apparently IE7 doesn’t like divs with the name ‘content’?  I was able to use ‘content-wrapper’ just fine.  Beats me.  A cursory search of the internet didn’t turn up any suggestions, and I unfortunately don’t have the time to try to plumb the depths of this bug.
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