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Comments on Yahoo! Mail storage and APIs

Check it out, I’m quoted in a piece about Yahoo! Mail in Infoworld, saying:

As far as I can tell, I’ll never need to delete another e-mail message, but if I did run into a limit, it’d be very easy for me to pull down the messages via the POP interface and store them on a personal hard drive

I stand by my words. I haven’t deleted a message for years, and doubt I ever will again. I’m not really sure what that means in terms of access–I’d be very interested to look at how many messages older than, say, a year, have been accessed. It does mean that I no longer need to decide whether or not to spend time filing/deleting/organizing mail.

I have been a premium user of Yahoo! mail for quite some time. I like the ‘beta’ JS intensive interface, though before I bought a new computer, it taxed my PC.

Personally, I think the bigger announcement is the opening of the Yahoo! mail APIs. Granted, only premium users get the full API, but I can imagine all sorts of neat applications built on that API. (The standard API doesn’t look that useful.) For example, you could build an external program to live out of your Yahoo Mail, like this fellow, but with offline capacity, or a simple blogging client where you leverage Yahoo’s superb rich client interface and platform to generate content, and then push it elsewhere.

One thought on “Comments on Yahoo! Mail storage and APIs

  1. Ryan Kennedy says:

    Thanks Dan! We definitely can’t wait to see what people build with the new web service.

    Ryan Kennedy
    Yahoo! Mail Web Service

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