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Eclipse Remote File Synchronization Plugins

I was talking to a friend about Eclipse and he was saying that one of the things keeping him from using Eclipse was the lack of a ssh synchronization plugin (so that he could edit locally and deploy to a remote server, a typical web application setup). I typically use CVS for that purpose, but sometimes it’s overkill.

I took it upon myself to find one, because I think it’d be useful too. I found a few (all open source):

Sftp Plugin: Not updated since 2003, didn’t work in Eclipse 3.2.1. CPL Licensed. Seemed like it had the nicest interface.

Deployer: Works, but only deployed one file at a time (that I could see). Not released since 2005. LGPL.

DeployerFTP: Looked to be FTP only (according to the documentation), released in 2006.

And finally, one that worked for me: Esftp. Last released in 2006, but works with Eclipse 3.2.1. LGPL 2.1. Weird install procedure (but if you read the README.txt in the distribution, it makes sense) so make sure to read the installation instructions.

Some of these were listed in the Eclipse Plugins directory, but others weren’t. Caveat emptor.

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8 thoughts on “Eclipse Remote File Synchronization Plugins

  1. moore says:

    Thanks Charlie. It looks like that was what I was looking for. I passed on your link to my friend and he said: “Worked beautifully. Even has a shell of sorts.”

    Thanks again!

  2. edam says:

    Nice summary of Eclipse file syncronisation plugins! Very useful – thanks!

  3. moore says:

    Edam, glad to help!

  4. leon says:

    filesyn from gmxhome works locally. But for a remote repository, it doesn’t work. I tried mounting a remote file system with sshfs installed on Ubuntu. But it failed to sync with the mounted file system. Any suggestion for a solution?

    I cannot install stuff like Eclipse Remote System Explorer server on the remote server. So Eclipse Remote System Explorer won’t work for me. I only have ssh, sftp access to the remote server.


  5. Shahid says:

    None of these plugin help. We need to create a clean an easy plugin to sync via ftp.


    Stay blessed.

  6. moore says:

    Please let me know if you find a better plugin and I’ll add it to the list!

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