I’m doing some work for a client using the MODx CMS. I will be writing more about that cool framework later, but I wanted to let the world know that xo.com hosting does not allow file upload via php scripts.

It doesn’t matter what your php.ini file says, the hosting environment doesn’t allow it. I was so astonished by an email telling me this that I called their customer service. Very politely, the fellow on the other end of the line repeated the prohibition. I asked “So, if I need file uploads, the only way to get them is to leave XO.” He was pretty uncomfortable, but said that was the case.

I guess westhost.com has spoiled me. I simply can’t believe that a modern hosting service wouldn’t allow that kind of fundamental functionality.

Am I off base here? Do most hosting providers prohibit this functionality? Did I just not talk to the correct folks at XO?

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