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Step by Step: A Mortgage Calculator using GWT

The following couple of posts are a first for my blog. I have blogged about client projects before, but never have I been paid to do so. But, I currently have a client who enjoys my blog. He also is a big fan of the Google Web Toolkit, and is interested in exploring the usefulness of this toolkit to his website, Colorado HomeFinder (Updated 6/10 with the name of the client, per his request). (Disclaimer: everything I say on this blog is my fault and mine alone.)

So, in the interest of exploration, I’m going to be building a simple mortgage calculator. We’ll be using GWT 1.0.21, developing on Windows XPSP2 and integrating with a existing backend built using Expresso 5.3, a heavyweight open source framework. (I’ve used Expresso before, and written about it, and while the framework is not without its warts, it can be very useful.) I will also be using Eclipse 3.1 to build the code, and be deploying to Linux. FireFox and IE 6.0 (both on Windows XPSP2) will be used to test the application.

I’ll be documenting my missteps and lessons learned as I go. In addition, the client has kindly offered to let me distribute the source on my website, so I’ll be providing a download each step of the way.

Update, Aug 9: Here’s a list of what I’ve written: