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Familiarity Breeds Content

With tools, at least.

James Governor raises an interesting question: Is Smalltalk Set for a Renaissance. He discusses some of the new things that are being built on this old language.

However, the most interesting thing to me is his comment, the title of this post, that ‘familiarity breeds content’ for tools. I’ve touched on this 2 years ago, when I wrote why I thought struts would be around for a good while. Incidentally, history has shown me out–currently there are 1958 hits on dice for ‘struts’, compared to 58 for ‘webwork’ and 29 for ‘ruby on rails’. (Past performance is no guarentee of future results…)

Of course, that’s no judgement on the benefits of the tools; badly written cgi scripts are still around too. In fact, part of a developer’s job, I believe, is to at least play around with new tools and options that may make them more productive. The important takeaway is that, just as many users are reluctant to change office suites, even to upgrade, many developers have enough on their plates without learning new tools.