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Full content feeds and Yahoo ads

I changed the Movable Type template to include full content on feeds. Sorry for the disruption (it may have made the last fifteen entries appear new).

I think sending full content in the feeds (both RSS1 and RSS2) goes nicely with the Yahoo Ads I added a few months ago. Folks who actually subscribe to what I say shouldn’t have to endure ads, while those who find the entries via a search engine can endure some advertising. (Russell Beattie had a much slicker implementation of this idea a few years ago.)

More about the ads: I think that they’re not great, but I think that’s due to my relative lack of traffic–because of the low number of pageviews, Yahoo just doesn’t (can’t) deliver ads that are very targeted. (I’ve seen a lot of ‘Find Dan Moore’). It’s also a beta service (ha, ha). Oh well–it has paid me enough to go to lunch (but I’ll have to wait because they mail a check only when you hit $100).

As long as we’re doing public service announcements, I’ve decided to turn off comments (from the initial post, rather than only on the old ones). Maybe it’s because I’m posting to thin air, or because I’m not posting on inflammatory topics, or because comment spam is so prevalent, but I’m not getting any comments anymore (I think 5 in the last 6 months). So, no more comments.

And that’s the last blog about this blog you’ll see, hopefully for another year.