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Go Code Colorado is coming soon

This is yet another hackfest, but one with a bit more pedigree. Go Code Colorado has a goal of improving access to public data. The stated mission: “Build a product that uses public data to deliver insights for a business decision-maker.” This will be the fifth year of this event. If you are interested in participating, the key dates are April 13-15 and April 27-29. They are going to run the hackfest on April 13-15 in five Colorado cities, so even if you aren’t on the front range, you have the chance to participate.

After seeing some folks talk about this on a slack (including one who said she found a co-founder through the event), I just volunteered to mentor, which can take as few as a few hours on a weekend (though I’m sure they’d be happy to have you for more time).

Past winners have included Magpie Supply and Regulation Explorer, and they produce a report each year.

If you are interested in building something for the public good, go check out Go Code Colorado.

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