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Founding Engineer or CTO, translated

If you wanted to re-read my post about the various technical roles a co-founder can take as a startup grows in Russian, you can, here.  Thanks to Vlad for the translation.

Bonus!  Here’s discussion on Hacker News, including my favorite comment:

Having been on both sides of the situation a couple times, the distinction is pretty simple for me: do you have a seat on the board?

If you have a board seat, great, you’re a real founder/CTO!

If you’re not interested in the board seat or you’re aware that you don’t bring enough to the table to earn it, you’re a good candidate for a founding engineer. You should be happy!

If the other founder(s) want you to be a founder/CTO without the board seat, run! They’re just using the prestige of the title to pay you less, and will revoke it at the first convenience.