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Installing eRoom 7 on Windows XP Pro

This is a quick doc explaining how to install eRoom 7 on Windows XP Professional. It assumes that Windows XP Pro is installed, and you have the eRoom 7 setup program downloaded. This is based on the events of last week, but I believe I remembered everything.

1. Install IIS.

2. Make sure the install account has the ‘Act As Part Of The Operating System’ privilege. Do this by opening up your control panel (changing to the classic view if need be), double clicking Adminstrative Tools, then Local Security Policy, then expanding the Local Policies node, then clicking the User Rights Assignment node. Double click on ‘Act as part of the operating system’ (it’s the 2nd entry on my list) and add the user that will be installing eRoom.

3. Restart.

4. Run the eRoom setup program. At the end, you’ll get this message:

Exception number 0x80040707
Description: Dll function call crashed ISRT._DoSprintf

5. Re-register all your eRoom dlls by opening up a cmd window, cding to C:\Program Files\eRoom\eRoom Server\ and running

regsvr32.exe [dllname]

for each dll in that directory.

6. Run the eRoom MMC plugin: Start Menu, Run, “C:\Program Files\eRoom\eRoom Server\ERSAdmin.msc”

You should then be able to create a site via this screen.

7 thoughts on “Installing eRoom 7 on Windows XP Pro

  1. Lance says:

    Good feedback, I am hitting this exact error. Alas, regsvr32 cannot find entry points into all of the DLL’s, only some of them so it still fails. Since this is an upgrade from an existing 7.2 build, that may have something to do with it. A complete uninstall may be in order (arrrgh) though I am hoping for an alternative. All ideas welcome!

  2. Dan Moore says:

    Sorry Larry, can’t think of any other solutions.

  3. Lance Shaw says:

    Whiel I do not have all the details on why this issue arose in 7.2x, I reported this as a bug to the eRoom development team and it will be fixed in the upcoming 7.3 release, expected in Q3 2005.

  4. Dan Moore says:

    Awesome Lance. Thanks for the update.

  5. Santiago Perez says:

    Dan, I get the error you’re talking about (ISRT._DoSprintf) but when I go to c:\Program Files\Eroom\Eroom Server I have no .dll in that root. I have a subfolder called “Full Text” and it in turn has .dll inside of it. Are those the .dlls you’re saying to manually register?

    Thanks for any help.

  6. moore says:

    Hi Santiago.

    I’m sorry, I haven’t worked with eroom for 3 years, so I can’t help you.

  7. eRoom eXpert says:

    Santiago, you can install on XP pro without having to register the DLLs. It works fine now.

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