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New approach to comment spam

Well, after ignoring my blog for a week, and dealing with 100+ comment spams, I’m taking a new tack. I’m not going to rename my comments.cgi script anymore, as that seems to have become less effective.

Instead, I’m closing all comments on any older entry that doesn’t have at least 2 comments. When I go through and delete any comment spam, I just close the entry. This seems to have worked, as I’ve dealt with 2-3 comment spams in the last week, rather than 10+.

I’ve also considered writing a bit of perl to browse through Movable Types DBM database to ease the removal of ‘tramadol’ entries (rather than clicking my way to carpal tunnel). We’ll see.

(I don’t even know what’s involved in using MT-Blacklist. Not sure if the return would be worth the effort for my single blog installation.)