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OJB and object caching

I’m working on a project with ObJectRelationalBridge 1.0RC4. This release is a year old, but has suited our needs up to now, but now I’ve a couple of gripes.

1. The caching online documentation doesn’t apply to my version. Hey, RC4 isn’t the latest and greatest, so that’s fair enough, but it would be nice if it was clear to which version the documentation applied. Once I realized (through a xerces exception) that this was the case, I was able to download the correct version and view that documentation locally. But what if I’d been using rc1, which doesn’t appear to be downloadable anymore? Perhaps I could get documentation from CVS, but this just shows that you really should keep virgin downloads of your external dependencies (code, documentation, whatever) for future reference. Would it be overkill to spider the software’s website when you make the decision to go with a particular version, and store that off somewhere?

2. In OJB 1.0RC4, object caching doesn’t seem to work (using the ObjectCacheDefaultImpl class). Not too much useful on the mailing list but I did a bit of sleuthing on my own. P6Spy is a slick java application that decorates any JDBC driver, writing all the statements that clients are making to a log file, then passing those statements on through to the driver. Installation on tomcat was very easy, and it was enlightening to see what OJB had been up to under the covers: going back to the database to recreate a user object, even though ObjectCacheDefaultImpl has no timeout for cached objects.

I’ll probably update the project to the newly released OJB 1.0.0 (don’t those numbers strike fear into your heart? I suppose after 7 release candidates over more than a year, 1.0.0 should be pretty solid) and see if object caching works.