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Guest posts about Cordova CLI

I’ve recently had the good fortune to write a couple of guest posts at some blogs to promote my book about the Cordova CLI.

First, I wrote a post on the CloudFour blog: “PhoneGap makes mobile development more accessible”.

But PhoneGap, a four year old project, now lets developers leverage standard web technologies such as CSS, HTML and JavaScript to build mobile applications. Designers who know CSS and HTML can create fantastic mobile friendly user interfaces (leveraging frameworks like Topcoat and Junior) and developers can focus on functionality and performance.

CloudFour is a consultancy based in Portland OR that my company has worked with in the past. They focus on the mobile web, and are very sharp.

Second, I wrote a post about hooks on Devgirl’s weblog: “Three hooks your Cordova/PhoneGap project needs”.

These hooks automate three common scenarios that will take place in almost any Cordova application–adding plugins to an app, switching between deployment environments, and adding custom icons and splash screens.

Write a hook anytime you have a build process that is tedious, repetitive, or required to build your app. Look carefully at any documented manual build processes. If you need to perform steps to build your app (copying icon files to various directories under platforms, for example), see if you can automate them in a hook script to make your build process quicker, easier, and more repeatable.

Devgirl, aka Holly Schinsky, is a developer evangelist for Adobe who has written about a wide variety of topics, including push notifications and Flex.