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Results from the PDI/Kettle user survey

I just wanted to post results from the PDI/Kettle user survey I ran a few weeks ago.

I marketed this on the pentaho forums and twitter (got a nice retweet from @pentaho). I wasn’t sure how to reach more of the PDI audience.

I received almost 20 responses, but I know that this is only a tiny portion of the PDI userbase (after all, in the last week, kettle 4.4.0 has been downloaded over 110,000 times since it was released last November). So these results are of mostly anecdotal interest.

Here are the results.

Primary Role Using PDI

The ‘other’ category ranged from “I do everything” to “Data Warehouse Architect”. It was interesting to me that so many folks were developers, but that the resources for testing PDI (and version control and other kinds of developer type tasks) are so sparse.  Or maybe I’m just not aware of these resources.

Number of Years of Using PDI

Again, it is interesting to me that most of the people (over 75%) who responded to my survey have over two years of PDI experience. I would have thought that there would be a higher percentage of new users, at least from the forums.  And I’m bummed Matt Casters didn’t fill it out!

Thanks to everyone who participated!

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One thought on “Results from the PDI/Kettle user survey

  1. Matt Casters says:

    Sorry Dan, I didn’t want to skew the result.

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