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Installing And Using Cordova CLI

This will be a short post as Kerri Shots has written up fantastic instructions for installing Cordova CLI. You’ll want to read them carefully. These instructions are a tad out of date, and describe installing the tool on MacOS. I was able to use these as a guide and get Cordova CLI running on Linux (specifically CentOS 6.4), but had to make some modifications (mostly just to get the android SDK running on my version of Linux).

There is also a good doc explaining installation and usage of Cordova CLI in the Github repository.

I also tried installing Cordova CLI on Windows 7. I was using cygwin, but wasn’t able to get the emulator started, and just decided to go with Linux in VirtualBox. Apparently there is an open bug about installing Cordova CLI on Windows 7. For what it is worth, Kerri was skeptical about installing Cordova CLI on any Windows as well.

That said, I know that Cordova supports Windows Phone development (which requires Windows), so I imagine that if this isn’t fixed, it will be soon. If you know any resources for installing Cordova CLI on Windows, please let me know or add a comment.

In the next post I’ll discuss version control.

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