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Comments on “‘Real Throwbacks’ comment response”

Well, I was going to trackback this post, but Nancy doesn’t have that enabled, so I’ll just comment here. Much anger in this one.

The problem with raging about radio is that it’s a *free* service. What do you pay for the time you listen to the radio? Now, of course ClearChannel is pop pap and there’s a lot of consolidation happening in the radio business, with generally negative impacts on quality. Don’t blame CC–they’re just reacting to the mandates of the market. (Your media can be free, diverse, or equal, pick any two.)

If you don’t like that-which-was-KTCL, blame the government for taking a public good and whoring it out without thinking about the consequences or having any more justification than ‘the market always does right.’ If there’s one thing we should have learned from the last couple of centuries, it’s that while capitalism may the least of the evils, it’s still evil. Of course, this isn’t a new thing.

2 thoughts on “Comments on “‘Real Throwbacks’ comment response”

  1. nancy says:

    my “clear channel is evil” comment was more flippant than it came across in blog-speak. i see giant mega-corporations as a necessary evil in today’s capitalist america.

    i’m most annoyed with the fact that they’re capitalizing on our nostalgia, and they’re presenting it as a one-time thing, when in reality they’re raping our memories to update their (over-)play lists.

    sure, it’s clever marketing. they’re probably going to win back their jaded listeners, at least for the weekend. (i listened more than i’d like to admit this time around.) but it still sucks. but it doesnt suck quite enough for me to sign up for the monthly XM or Sirius satellite radio services.

  2. nancy says:

    one more thing. i tried to enable TrackBack and didn’t really understand what the heck it was, nor why i’d want to enable it. i’m still traumatized about my blog being indexed in google.

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