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Thunderbird Plugins: Lightning

If you live in your email and you use Thunderbird, I’d recommend taking a look at Lightning.  It’s a calendaring plugin to Thunderbird.  It has changed the way I schedule my life–I used to have a mishmash of emails, paper calenders, todo lists  on the back of envelopes and memories that coordinated my life.  Now I just have one place that I go to.  You can have calendars on remote servers, using HTTP (readonly), webDAV or ftp, multiple calendars, and reminders.  It’s still beta software (version 0.7) and under active development, so, of course, buyer beware, but I’ve found it to be quite useful.  If you want to follow future progress, visit the Mozilla Calendar Weblog.

One thought on “Thunderbird Plugins: Lightning

  1. psjulek says:

    Ye! its greath!!!

    add notes to messages and connection to group messages so the lighting will be a power concurence to MS.O. or Bat,

    PS: also would be nice to have year view in calendar !

    Thanks and keep developing ! i will alvays look for your products

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