Are you using WordPress as a CMS?  Are you using a backrev version of wordpress?  Do you have an existing design that relies on div styling in the content area, but want to allow use of the WYSIWYG editor for most text?

It’s your lucky day, if you’re using WP 2.3.  Edit the tiny_mce_config.php as outlined at this article and rejoice.


2 thoughts on “Solution for WordPress turning div tags to p tags

  1. Brett Borders says:

    I’m not using WP 2.3, but this problem has driven me CRACKERS before. “What part of DIV don’t you understand. .freakin #$@#$ WordPress~!!!”

  2. moore says:

    To be fair, I don’t think it is entirely WordPress’s fault. I think it’s how they configured TinyMCE. In digging around, the WordPress Team seemed to have reasons (rendering issues) for doing this.

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