September 02, 2004

Back to google

So, the fundamental browser feature I use the most is this set of keystrokes:
* cntrl-T--open a new tab
* g search term--to search for "search term"
(I set up g so the keyword expands and points to a search engine.)

Periodically, I'll hear of a new search engine--a google killer. And I'll switch my bookmark so that 'g' points to the new search engine. I've tried AltaVista, Teoma and, lately, IceRocket. Yet, I always return to Google. The others have some nice features--IceRocket shows you images of the pages--and the search results are similar enough. What keeps me coming back to google is the speed of the result set delivery. I guess my attention span has just plain withered.

Anyone else have a google killer I should try?

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